Who am I?

I am a software engineer with three and a half years of professional experience. I've lead both Scrum teams and workshops. My top 3 langauges are Javascript, Python, and Java. I usually work as a full stack engineer using vue.js and nodeJS. I am an expert of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

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Why should we work together?

My portfolio is worth more than a thousand words. My clients now have marketable and profitable websites/apps.

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My Portfolio

Android Apps

Palinurus was a game that was created by Watercress Studios. I was tasked with porting it to Google Play. The GUI was rewritten completely for tablet, phone, and even TV. It also includes a jukebox and an art gallery. However, it's best for you to try out yourself.

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Static and/or Dynamic Websites

I was hired by From the Ashes Entertainment to make a dynamic website with Express.JS, Stripe, and Twitter Bootstrap.

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Web Apps

One time, my friend from university needed help after the orginal 3 person app team fell apart like most group projects do. I offered my services expecting no payment. When the app was complete, I was paid handsomely by the Newtown Historical Center. This web app is an interactive map of all the Historical landmarks of Stephen's City, Virginia. Each of the icons are clickable so that you can learn more about one while visiting the town.

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My Services

Web Wpp Development
Android App Development
Cross-Platform Mobile App
Project Manager
Chief Technology Officer
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